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Fall PREP Clinic

@ Teamworks in Acton, MA


7 weeks
90 minutes
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

October 19
October 26
November 2
November 9
November 16
November 23
November 30


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Practice Reinforce Execute Perfect

We have come to learn that there are holes in the “practice makes perfect” adage. Some may embrace the idea that perfect practice makes perfection. The coaches at Center Hash Lax and the Bay State Bullets believe that if players shoot for perfection and fall just short, they will still stand amongst the sport’s strongest.  Whether you are a new player looking to be introduced to the fundamental skills of the game or you are a veteran seeking a polish, join us at FALL P.R.E.P.

Join us for an intense 90 minute stick skills session that will take your game to the next level!

Open to Bullet and Non-Bullet players!

Grab your friends and join us at Teamworks in Acton this winter!

Practice – Learn proper mechanics and work on stickwork that will provide you the necessary technical foundation.  In addition, practice proper strength and conditioning techniques. Approximately 40 minutes of each session will be geared toward dynamic warm-up and skill related components of fitness and injury prevention:  agility, power, reaction time, balance, coordination, perceptual awareness and speed.

Reinforce – Repetition, repetition, repetition.  Reinforce proper mechanics that will aid in muscle memory.  Maximize your touches on the ball this winter!

Execute – Whether there is no pressure, moderate or high pressure, whether the player is stationary or on the move, whether the players are working out of small sets or bigger picture situations… regardless of the challenge, our Winter P.R.E.P. Participants will be placed in a multitude of scenarios.  Our players will have their weaknesses exposed and or their strengths highlighted!

Perfect -  Practice, reinforcing proper mechanics, executing under varied pressure results in personal gains.  Once our players have acquired a foundational skill, our coaches will encourage them to work on improved precision.  We want the players to perform when time and space is decreased. We want our players to shoot with more velocity, pass with better accuracy, think quicker and play faster. Our players may not leave our sessions having reached perfection, but we hope they see how practice leads to improved confidence, skill acquisition and overall performance.