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2019-2020 Tryouts


Our strength is in our families.  Our fortitude is in a smaller but stronger field of dedicated players.  22 players who are committed to one another.  22 who are committed to grow together.  22 players who see themselves as one.  Can you see yourself as one of 22?

2019-2020 TRYOUTS




The Bay State Bullets are seeking 22 strong.  Our strength is in our families.  Our fortitude is in a smaller but stronger field of dedicated players. 22 players who are committed to one another.  22 who are committed to grow together. 22 players who see themselves as one.  Can you see yourself as one of 22?

We are looking for 20 field players and 2 goalkeepers to work with our consistent coaching staff in this upcoming 2019-2020 season.  22 strong players to grow together as one. 

We have found consistent rosters create the opportunity for coaches and players alike to truly identify strengths and limitations.  This is a necessity for player development. This is also quite important as players put each other in positions of success. 

Consistent coaching staff along with close knit rosters yields top results. This is what we strive for in all of our teams. Our coaches develop the whole player and are able to work with players more closely on their development.  It also helps foster a strong team dynamic!

If you see yourself as someone who would thrive as one of 22, someone who is committed to her team and team success, we want you as part of the Bay State Bullets family. 

The Bay State Bullets are looking to assemble two rosters at each of our grade level years.   

Our first teams are labeled either silver, white or orange and our second teams are labeled grey.  We carry a maximum of 44 full time players through our two teams per grade level. On occasion, there may be alternates or reserves added to the roster.  But 22 is the quantity and quality we are seeking for the next program year.  

If you think you have what it takes to make one of our few and driven twenty-two roster spots, please join us at tryouts!  

Please note that we may opt to carry less than 22 if we feel the quantity and talent pool warrants the full roster cap.  We reserve the right to fill spots over the course of the year if needed.

Move over Mid-Atlantic region, New England is charging forward in the area of strong youth, high school, club and college lacrosse programs. A great many club programs exist for the developing and motivated female lacrosse player. If you are in search of the traditional club feel that supports consistent rosters with consistent head coaches, look no further than the Bay State Bullets!

Each player has strengths they like to lean on and weaknesses they naturally like to hide. Our coaches like to celebrate strengths but considerable attention is placed on exploring, addressing and improving weaknesses in a supportive training environment.

Each player is a valued member of our team. Our players hold their teammates accountable. Accountability motivates players to want to consistently show up and get better. The drive to want to get better is the climate our coaches cultivate.

Learn more about our structure and philosophy that boasts individual and team development with coach consistency and commitment.  CLICK HERE

If we match what you are looking for in a team , climb aboard.  We hope to see you at tryouts!

2019-2020 SEASON

We will host two tryout dates.

All new and returning players must register to tryout.  

Tryouts are open to players entering 3rd grade and up!
(Year of graduation 2020-2029)

Tryout registrants must attend at least one tryout,
however all dates are encouraged. 

The tryout fee is $75.00.  
This will increase to $90.00 on August 1st.
The tryout fee is non-refundable.

Click here to find out more about Youth Program
Click here to find out more about High School Program

Tryout - Team Transparency 
Tryouts - August 2019

We, at the Bay State Bullets, know the month of August is the most important time on the lacrosse calendar.  This is when our coaches work extremely hard to build our team rosters.  Our directors and evaluators take pride in our club and in our transparent tryout process.  

We are in search of the driven player who is motivated to learn, improve and polish her skills within a "team first" setting.  Our coaches and Directors are not interested in selecting large volumes of players and place them in a year of graduation pool.  A pool used later to dip into in efforts to assemble varying tournament rosters.  We believe the lack of continuity translates into on field inconsistency.  This, we believe, results in a stall in achieving optimal success.  Our evaluators seek to fill our finite roster spots with the quality athlete ready to contribute to her individual development as well as to the team.   

If you want to work tirelessly to earn a highly coveted roster spot on one of our teams, we'd love to have you at tryouts!