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High School Bullets Program


A view of the program for rising 9th-12th graders.
This is consisting of players with graduation years of 2023-2026.

Fall:  September, October, November
The Bay State Bullets will enter their seventh year in the fall of 2023.  Talented and committed players who have accepted a spot within our full 2023-2024 Bay State Bullets program year. 

Once tryouts have concluded in August and our teams have been selected, the players will take part in a three-month outdoor fall season that runs from September to November.  We will hold either a training session or will attend a tournament on Sunday’s between September 10th and November 20th.  This intensive training is designed to cultivate player/coach camaraderie and provide necessary learning time to prepare players and teams for a fast paced start to the club season. 

Fall Tournaments- FOUR EVENTS

Each team will be assigned one head coach.  The head coach will work in collaboration with varied staff assistant coaches.  The consistency of our leadership is a critical staple in evaluating player strengths and weaknesses.  A solid individual player evaluation allows the coach to truly individualize instruction.  This also gives the coach the opportunity to place players in the most productive positions to succeed.  Our assistant coaching staff rotation will provide all players the opportunity to work with different coaches and different coaching styles.  The consistent head coach and rotating assistant coach model is something we feel is an essential part of player and team development. 

A strong relationship between the high school club coach and his/her players is essential for many reasons.  Possessing knowledge of the player’s lacrosse, athletic and academic abilities as well as having a solid understanding of her team building and interpersonal skills is of paramount importance. Our Bay State Bullets coaches will need a big picture understanding of players as we guide our prospective college-bound lacrosse players though the recruiting proces
s.  We will attend four fall tournaments.  Four fall tournaments are included in tuition.

Winter:  December, January and February (concludes in mid-March)
Team Training:  Starting November 27th and running through March 20th - our team will hold 14 practices.  The team practices will be held on Sunday mornings at Teamworks in Northboro or Teamworks in Acton.  The practice will run either 7-9am or 8-10am.  Skill development, team tactics, strength and conditioning and competitive fitness testing will all be areas of focus.  The training staff will work to put players in positions of both leadership and playing success as they enter high school pre-season.

Spring:  March, April, May (concludes in early June)
The Bullets coaches are completely hands off when it comes to training and competing.  We understand that the High School team is priority.  Our position during March through early June is to support from a far.  We will continue to assist with college recruitment.  If necessary, we will work alongside the high school coach regarding recruitment communication and assistance.

Summer:  June, July
Our Bullets season is in full swing when the weather heats up. Our players will have trained with their high school teams, they will have had an opportunity to participate in "Center Hash" leagues and clinics, attend tournaments, and become acclimated with their coaches and teammates.  Now they are ready to play and compete for the titles in local, regional, and national tournaments.  We will hold weekly summer practices in the months of June and July.  These practices are held predominantly at Lincoln Park in Lexington, Veterans Field in Waltham and the Edge in Bedford.  The four summer tournaments are included in tuition.  

Summer Tournaments- FOUR EVENTS

Tryouts- Get ready for Bullets 2024-2025

Our Practice Facilities Per Season

FALL-  Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening at Lincoln Fields in Lexington, Veterans Field in Waltham, and the Edge in Bedford.

WINTER-  Practices and indoor winter clinics are held on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning/afternoon at Teamworks in Northborough, Teamworks in Acton, and the Edge in Bedford.  

SPRING-  All spring games and spring practices are held on Saturdays in the morning/afternoon.  Held at Lincoln Fields in Lexington, Veterans Field in Waltham, and the Edge in Bedford.

SUMMER- Week night practices hosted at Lincoln Fields in Lexington, Veterans Field in Waltham, and the Edge in Bedford.

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