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About Us

From the Bay State Bullets Director, Stacey Freda

I've worked within the club sports scene for over 15 years. In that time I learned that each club has its own nuances, which make it unique. I firmly believe there is a club out there for every talented, committed and motivated player.  

When a player and her family decide to research a lacrosse club, there are many components to consider. Club philosophy, level of competitiveness, college connections are just a few.  Lacrosse has exploded in the last decade, and as a result, club offerings have changed to fit the ever-evolving nature of this fast-growing sport. Club philosophies range from full commitment expectations, to pay-as-you go flexibility. Now, prospective club participants have a wide range of programs with which to shop and explore. If you are a prospective lacrosse player researching the club option, here are a few questions that might help you find the right club lacrosse fit.  

Questions to ask as you start your club shopping:

  • Does the club team fit my personal needs?
  • Are the practice locations convenient to where I live?
  • Does the club's philosophy parallel my values?
  • Will I be coached by the same head coach consistently, one who has a high lacrosse IQ?
  • Will I have the opportunity to work with various coaches with different coaching styles?
  • Is the tuition reasonable for my family?  
  • Will I be a part of a club that embraces set rosters? Or, will I be a part of a club that places me in a pool of players with like years of graduation, where my team will probably be made up of different players from one practice/game/tournament to the next?
  • Will my participation be affected by my attendance/skill level from week to week?
  • Will I be a part of a consistent team?  Will my teammates remain constant for the entire program year and perhaps even beyond, as we grow together?  
  • Lacrosse is not my priority sport.  I play another club sport, but I am very interested in playing more lacrosse at a higher level.  Does this program have a flexibility option?  
  • Lacrosse is my priority. I am interested in developing my skills with like-minded and like-skilled players who share my same ambition. Does this club attract players who are committed to attending practices, games and tournaments on a regular basis?
  • Does this club make practices and tournaments optional or mandatory? 
  • I am a high school lacrosse player with college-bound interests. What will this team do to support me during the recruiting process?   
  • Do my friends play for the club? (This helps with both playing enjoyment, as well as carpooling.)
  • For goalies, is this club committed to developing goalies? Does it have former college goalies on staff to provide specific work on fundamentals, such as angles, positioning, footwork, and communication?
  • Has this club developed players who have gone on to play college lacrosse?
  • Does this club attend college showcase tournaments, and if yes, how far do they travel?

When you find the answers to these questions, you might feel more prepared to make your decision. Cost, location, and playing on the same club team as your friends are all essential to create a positive club experience for each player. But, there is one critical question you need to ask.

The most important question: is the coach a good fit for me?

It is my belief, through years of experience, that finding the right coach fit is of paramount importance. Individual player success requires a strong coach-player relationship. I have a better chance of reaching players and aiding in their development when there is mutual respect.

Do you have what it takes to be a Bay State Bullet?

The Bay State Bullets are seeking special players who are committed to improving their technical skills, as well as developing their lacrosse IQs. We are also actively searching for players who embrace a selfless attitude, and look to make their teammates better by their ability to play within a cohesive unit. We understand, for many players, the ultimate goal is to compete and excel on their high school teams, and eventually, college teams, as well.   

  • If you are a player interested in playing for a small, but very competitive club...
  • If you are interested in developing your existing talents...
  • If you are a player talented enough to earn a spot on a challenging 22-player roster...
  • If you are interested in a team atmosphere...
  • If you are interested in building a strong player/coach relationship...
  • If you are interested in playing with talented teammates who will make you better...
  • If you are interested in making the sacrifices necessary to commit to your teammates and coaches...

Where did the name Bay State Bullets come from?

A bullet train can reach speeds of 200 miles an hour because they use magnetic levitation. How do I know this? Because my son loves trains. Our family has spent many summer weekends chasing Thomas the Tank Engine along his New England scenic railroad stops. As he outgrew Thomas the Tank, his love for the cheerful, blue steam locomotive evolved into a fascination for fast trains. 

The bullet train is synonymous with record-breaking speeds and sleek designs that optimize conditions for high-level performance.  Much in the same way, Bay State Bullets focuses on improving speed, agility, and all the necessary lacrosse skills, we design a track for success for each player. 

Just as the bullet train provides adventurous journeys to new places, Bay State Bullets is thrilled to provide a developmental track for lacrosse players who are passionate about improving their game.